About Eons Data

Established in 2018, Eons Data Communications Limited operates data center services in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and West US, from our headquarter in Hong Kong.

We also offer dedicated internet access for Hong Kong based customers and international data circuits for firms in Mainland China.


Help customers, connect the world.

As commerce goes online, global businesses need to effectively communicate with clients all over the world: multinationals want access to Chinese customers, just as Chinese firms aspire the world markets.

We are here to help!

Leveraging our expertise in operating data networks, we offer dedicated internet access for Hong Kong based customers, SD-WAN solutions for multinationals to connect their China branches, and IEPL circuits for China Mainland organizations.

At a glance

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Leadership Team

Kathleen Wong
Anil Bhaktar
Andrew Price
Software Engineer
Maya Sanders
Experience Designer
Marco Smith
Experience Designer
Helena Price
Kenneth O’Dowd

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Our History

  1. October 2016
    Secured Series-A funding
  2. April 2017
    New CTO: Joe Schultz
  3. October 2017
    v1.0 Ships
  4. February 2018
    Featured in Wired
  5. September 2018
    v2.0 Ships